My story

The Stardust Eves is a declaration of love to all children, and to the child within each of us.

I wrote The Stardust Elves following the birth of my middle child, a vital and transformative event in a long journey of healing. My feelings of gratitude and wonder expressed themselves in verses and danced around in my soul like playful children.

While working or running after my eldest, I jotted down the poems before they vanished as quickly as they had appeared. Later I stumbled upon the work of illustrator Tijana Lukovic, whose paintbrush felt like a magic wand, coloring my inner world and stroking the poems to life.

The Stardust Elves reflects these spaces of joy and connection, and touches upon something intimate, yet universal—a longing for acceptance, love and belonging.

Thank you for joining me, 


The process

Self-publishing The Stardust Elves has also been a humbling process that called upon virtues I needed to refine, such as patience, trust and acceptance. I had to have faith that time, intuition and chance would guide me to the women who eventually helped bring my vision to life, each with their own magic. Over here, you can see artist Tijana Lukovic sketching in her studio in Belgium.