Random and unrelated facts about me

Random and unrelated facts about me
A little intimidating to write, somewhat silly and unrelated, but here we go. Some one-liners about me that may not be entirely poetic.

Here are a few things you may or may not want to know about me:

I’m 5’2”. I know I am because I was told, but I have no idea what that means. I speak in centimeters.

I grew up speaking French, Dutch and Hebrew, but I write and feel safest in English. And when I have nightmares that make me cry out in French; English steps in to hold my hand.

I love mayonnaise, with everything. I used to spread it on my pizza, but I’m too embarrassed now.

Someone once told me my passion for mayonnaise is related to my attachment wound, or to a longing for breast milk, or something cringeworthy like that. I’m not sure I understand, but I possibly believe them.

The first time I did yoga and my teacher told me to connect with my uterus, I  wanted to yell profanities at her.

I now love my teacher. And being a yoga and meditation teacher myself. And connecting with my uterus. And not carrying so much anger.

I have three children, Léo, Naïa and Rafaël. They have given me life.

In what was possibly a lifetime ago, I studied to become a lawyer, and then worked as journalist. I also studied art history. 

I have an endless thirst for learning. And for nature. My dream is to learn from and be in the presence of some of this world's wisest souls, preferably in the forest. 

I believe that aging is accepting to be in the nuance and complexity of the many shades of grey. There is no black or white. 

I’m glad you’re here. I really am.

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